2024 Stroke and Turn

Learning to be a Stroke and Turn volunteer judge just got easier.

Traditionally, becoming a new judge or re-certifying annually requires a large amount of time and effort, but now you can complete your training quickly, at your convenience.

Learn key Stroke and Turn techniques from our virtual deck, take our readiness quiz, and even print a completion certificate.

Now, you’re ready to attend a live session, skills check, or the first day of competition.

StrokeandTurn.com supports your league’s unique training process, whatever that might be!

You Will Receive:

  • 11 interactive lessons covering the philosophy of officiating, stroke techniques, protocols, relays, disqualifications, and more 
  • Readiness Quiz
  • Downloadable certificate upon successful completion of the course
  • Access to the current USA Swimming Rule Book

Recently added:

We have included a Glossary of common swim terms for reference – this Glossary is located in the top navigation bar of the site. We have also included a list of common disqualifications per swim as a downloadable takeaway. This resource is available within the Disqualifications lesson of your course.


Bulk pricing is available!
Contact us at support@scitent.com

Volunteer Judges Pricing
1 – 5 $26.99 per key
6 – 15 $24.99 per key
16 – 25 $23.99 per key
26 – 50 $22.99 per key
51 – 100 $21.99 per key
101 – 150 $20.99 per key
151 – 199 $20.49 per key
200+ Special Pricing